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Contact Tracing

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  • Names of people you need to contact
  • Their contacts and contact info
  • Additional contact info as needed
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  • High vs low risk contacts
  • Contact workflow and case distribution
  • Task and alert management
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  • Contact results and performance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data security

Why masterQueue for case management

Since 2011, masterQueue has been providing enterprise level "tracing" software-as-a-service for account management in performing skip tracing functions for some of the largest financial institutions in the USA.

We are able to create efficiency in contact management that translates to multiple use cases. When performing a high-volume contact management process where the need to speak to individuals is critical, especially if standard methods are not proving successful, mQ is the solution you have been looking for. 

"The Skip Tracing and Contact Management process, from a case management perspective, is identical in terms of the technology required to increase right party contact rates."

Features include:

  • Consolidates multiple cases and data points into one system using API’s
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Link Analysis options
    • Robust dashboard and push/pull analytics
  • Uses workflow automation, case distribution and task management with alerts
  • Comprehensive interview capabilities
    • Click-to-dial integrated VOIP w/call monitoring, transfer and recording
    • Documentation -List of scripted questions with dynamic follow up options w/robust case update options
  • Enterprise level data security, regulatory compliance and data privacy

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Automated Workflow
"It’s Critical to have a secure, compliant and efficient case management platform to quickly scale a robust contact management plan…. This is what masterQueue has been doing since 2011 for some of the largest financial institutions in the USA."

- John Lewis, CEO masterQueue

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