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Contact Tracing

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  • Names of people testing positive
  • Their contacts and contact info
  • Additional contact info as needed
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  • High vs low risk contacts
  • Contact workflow and case distribution
  • Task and alert management
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  • Contact results and tracer performance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data security

Why masterQueue for case management

Since 2011, masterQueue has been providing enterprise level "tracing" software-as-a-service for account management in performing skip tracing functions for some of the largest financial institutions in the USA.

"Skip Tracing and Contact Tracing, from a case management perspective, are almost identical in terms of the technology needed to perform the tracing process with maximum efficiency"

Features include:

  • Consolidates multiple cases and data points into one system using API’s
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Link Analysis options
    • Robust dashboard and push/pull analytics
  • Uses workflow automation, case distribution and task management with alerts
    • Covid-19 Testing request assignment platform
  • Comprehensive interview capabilities
    • Click-to-dial integrated VOIP w/call monitoring, transfer and recording
    • Documentation -List of scripted questions with dynamic follow up options w/robust case update options
  • Enterprise level data security, regulatory compliance and data privacy

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Automated Workflow
"It’s Critical to have a secure, compliant and efficient case management platform to quickly scale a robust contact management plan…. This is what masterQueue has been doing since 2011 for some of the largest financial institutions in the USA."

- John Lewis, CEO masterQueue

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