masterQueue Partners with Experian Data to Help Find Fugitives

Posted on: September 10th, 2015

Finding people who do not want to be found has always been considered an art.

By tracking the data footprint of a person in a manner that is not possible when gathering data manually through various websites, its now possible to add a scientific approach to the process.

We help Banks, Finance Companies, Debt Collectors and now Law Enforcement perform this process more effectively, with our masterQueue technology.

In Lending, every “i” has to be dotted, and every “t” has to be crossed as there is a regulatory microscope, followed by a lawyer and the CFPB, tracking every call you make. Our automated compliance tracking tools provide a level of comfort to our customers that traditional software or web based data gathering can not possibly do.

When it comes to the use of this data in the Public Sector, or in Law Enforcement, the tools are the same, but the results can be even more dramatic as instead of finding someone to repossess their car or help them pay, you may be finding a serial killer or a rapist.

We recently had the pleasure of teaming with some experts from Experian at the California District Attorneys Investigative Association’s Annual Conference in Los Angeles to train the State’s leading investigators. Their job is to protect our safety by finding the bad guys, getting them arrested and off the street before they commit more crime, and then putting them away.

The key to this process involves data and software being used to streamline the process. It’s usually not just one companies data, but a combination of multiple sources of data that is brought into our platform by direct XML feeds and then organized in a manner to highlight the most effective data to be used to hit the goal; find and arrest the perp.

This blog by Experian discusses the process we’ve developed.

The attached video showcases what can happen when everything is firing on all cylinders.

Funny thing is, what works great for Banks and their outsource vendors is now also working equally as well for Law Enforcement and the Public Sector.

Makes me anxious to see what will happen when we get to the Student Loan delinquency

-John Lewis

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