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What is masterQueue for Medicaid?

masterQueue is a software solution that automates the validation and location of claimant's phone numbers, addresses, and email data. Using APIs into multiple data providers, our software enables states to automate the current manual process involved in making efficient and effective contact with benefit holders in the redetermination process. masterQueue also, reduces challenges associated with return mail to verify or locate address information.

A good faith effort to contact Medicaid members:

masterQueue is agnostic to data, meaning our platform allows the state to use multiple public data points to verify the claimant from various data providers. This ensures States are receiving the most up-to-date and accurate information to locate and communicate with their Medicaid members.

masterQueue helps State's make a conscious effort to keep members who need Medicaid benefits enrolled, while reducing the churn rate. By automatically gathering the data, organizing it by contact probability, and tracking stats and metrics through our dashboard. masterQueue allows you to do more work with fewer people.

  • Augment contact information with aggerated member identification to eliminate batch data errors.
  • System aggregated data on entities to speed up the renewal process
  • Proven IT Security and Data Compliance engine
  • Expenses Savings:
    • Fewer key strokes
    • Reduce processing time
    • Faster decision making
    • Improved compliance

Choose from multiple data providers we integrate into masterQueue

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The masterQueue Solutions

Automate Data on Demand to Validate Claimant:

  • Address, Phone(s), email, etc.
  • Decrease processing time
  • Reduce "false positives
  • Increase Right Party contacts
  • Public Records information
  • Time and resource savings
  • Data Privacy Rights

Case Management System:

  • Single platform for data intelligence via Real-Time API with your data providers
  • Complete Workflow Management
  • Cost Control Management
  • Compliance Engine
  • Vendor Management
  • Information and Data Security
Data Compliance Engine Co-Architected by a Top 3 US Bank

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