A secure customer contact communication platform with work from home capacity that can be deployed rapidly

The Remote Solution

Complete masterQueue Access from Home in a Secure and Compliant environment.

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Information Exchange

Move Accounts and Notes between your loan servicing system and masterQueue easily and efficiently via SFTP or a real-time bi-directional API.

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High Risk Remote Account Management

mQNet provides:

  • Remote internal and third-party access to masterQueue to oversee and manage secure, compliant and recorded customer contact for outbound customer contact by internal staff or third-party vendors working from home on:
    • High risk accounts
    • No contact accounts
    • Routine contact maintenance accounts
    • Wellness calls to stay in touch with your customers and identify those you have lost touch with so you can add additional workflow that drives contact at a higher RPC than standard loan servicing systems 
    • Calls to customers to provide Offers or Settlements on their account
  • Portfolio Monitoring for risk, compliance and loan performance
    • Access to Risk Modeling Data to help rebuild risk models around the current Covid-19 or any Pandemic or DR/BC situation
    • Real-time API data access to every major data provider 
      • New mover data, BK, SCRA, deceased scrubs, POE info to determine at-risk customers based on their industry, real-time LPR data, vehicle data etc.


mQNet is a Secure SaaS platform with work from home capabilities either through a VPN or via remote desktop access.

  • Move data via SFTP or API to your System of Record


User Requirements

  • A computer
  • A headset (Optional)
  • An internet connection
  • An hour for training


Client Requirements

  • A contract with Intellaegis
  • A call to set up your account file uploads and data transfer requirements
  • A call to set up your contracted data providers to connect your credentials to get their data in masterQueue

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Portfolio monitoring and communication

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