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masterQueue is a web-based software solution that automates the contact management, skip tracing and risk mitigation process, enabling users to Gather, Organize and Track data to more efficiently find and contact customers or assets.

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Gather public record data on customers and assets to a single source in order to eliminate inefficient, impossible to track, and non-compliant, manual web-based data gathering processes.

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Automatically organize your data waterfall strategy and then layer in State, Federal and Data Privacy rules on the data you gather and use to stay in full compliance with constantly changing regulatory rules.

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Track all loan portfolio, customer, account, employee, third-party vendor and data provider stats, metrics and trends through our dashboard and data warehouse reporting capabilities.

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Why masterQueue?

masterQueue combines the power of artificial intelligence with public records data in order to improve productivity and efficiency in contact management, skip tracing and risk mitigation. A single software solution uniquely designed to:

  • Automate Data Collection
  • Manage Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Find More Right Party Contacts
  • Meet and exceed State and Federal Cybersecurity safeguards

When our clients use masterQueue and its different features, we…

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Robust Regulatory
and Data Privacy Compliance.

masterQueue automatically monitors  regulatory rules around State and Federal contact and data laws, all in one system.

mQdataPrivacy coming in 2023

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Our contracted and strategic partners.

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"With Data Privacy you have to inventory the data you have with tools like masterQueue that allow companies to know what data they have, particularly financial institutions. Having a tool like yours that will quickly see what personal information they're collecting, and in what jurisdiction so that you can know what your compliance obligations are, is very important"

Dominique Shelton-Leipzig

Perkins Coie - International Law Firm

"With the callQueue, we have five FTE’s doing the work it used to take eight FTE’s to accomplish, and at a lower data cost!"

Nikki Magner

Vice President of Loan Servicing - SAFCO

"masterQueue makes it easy to collect all phone numbers potentially associated with a customer; and it systematically prioritizes the order in which to call the numbers. This is key because often collections will spend significant time searching for new leads to call when seeking to make contact with delinquent customers. masterQueue does the heavy lifting so collections can do what they are hired to do… focus on speaking with customers to understand the reason for delinquency, influence the customer to pay more of what is past due, persuade the customer to pay sooner, and to recap the conversation and create a positive customer experience. masterQueue transforms how collectors spend their time and your (the lender’s) money"

Bill Ploog

Principal WLP Consulting and former Senior VP over all Loan Servicing at Ally Financial

"It's a game changer. We located a sexual predator thats been on the run for ten years and we located an address in ten minutes."

Dave Stevenson

Investigator El Dorado County District Attorneys office

"The masterQueue platform is the industry’s best, and it will improve our productivity and efficiency on behalf of our clients."

Andrew Coffey

Director of Collections, Servicing Solutions

"They’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into developing a unique collection tool that brings together multiple contact databases for more effective servicing of the most difficult accounts. In addition, masterQueue adds additional strength to the lender’s compliance framework."

Mark Floyd

Former CEO Exeter Finance and COO Americredit

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