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Contact Delinquent Accounts More Efficiently to Reduce Loss

What is masterQueue?

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In 2015 Intellaegis was named by American Banker as one of the Top 20 FinTech companies to watch, and in 2019 masterQueue was a finalist @Finovate 2019 for the best RegTech Solution and Best FinTech partnership in regard to their relationship with USAA.

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Product Overview

From early stage delinquency through repossession to post charge off deficiency and recovery process management, masterQueue is a first-to-market, unique solution used by some of the nation’s largest lenders as a key piece of their risk mitigation strategy.

masterQueue enables you to implement a simple, automated process to replace what historically has been a manual, copy and paste intensive procedure that’s almost impossible to measure and manage. You can customize an efficient process to manage your account uploads, data collection and organization, call strategy, as well as assignment strategy, all in one seamless platform.

masterQueue clients are able to reduce losses, while doing more work with less!

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Choose from multiple data providers we integrate into masterQueue

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Next Generation Contact Management

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Automate Your Data

  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Eliminate copy & paste
  • Control your data spend
  • Maintain compliance

Aggregate Your Information

  • Merge contact and account data
  • Get to results faster
  • Integrate for enhanced line of sight
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UI screen

Analyze Your Strategy

  • Review productivity
  • Compare data provider results
  • Transform your call strategy in real-time
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The Challenge

Some of the top 10 challenges faced by Financial Institutions include increased regulation and compliance requirements, economic uncertainty, legacy systems and infrastructure, data management and analysis, difficulty identifying and contacting debtors, taking too long to locate debtors when sorting through all the data, limited resources, communication barriers, and technology limitations. The primary challenge faced by Financial Institutions is accessing and managing data, which leads to several problems. Financial Institutions typically do not have the ability to buy raw data from various data providers and use their legacy systems to organize this data for use by their teams in an efficient and compliant manner.

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The Solution

masterQueue is the only solution on the market with all the tools to provide an efficient process to use data to locate more people, and to meet all Fair Debt requirements. When risk is identified through lost contact with a customer, a lender or 3rd party can access additional data sets through APIs to many data providers, e.g. DRN (Motorola), LexisNexis, Clear (Thomson Reuters), TLO (Transunion), Equifax, IDI, Innovis, Carfax, etc. masterQueue enables you to adhere to FDCPA 804 guidelines and layers in an automated compliance rules engine to insure all State and Federal regulatory compliance and data privacy concerns are met, BEFORE using data to locate and contact the customer.

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Case Study


Major US bank’s Auto Lending Division had documentation and communication deficiencies within the given timeframe and copied and pasted data inefficiently.

Action Taken

Utilizing mQ a comprehensive system was implemented for record-keeping, workflows, and task management to streamline the acquisition, organization, and tracking of data.


The decision was pivotal in increasing customer contact by 40% and daily output while reallocating 13 FTE, contributing to greater productivity, profitability, and success in achieving collections objectives.


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masterQueue is a tremendous help regarding how our team manages contact with enrollees. I really like masterQueue as a data management tool and using the workflow process and reporting have become an invaluable part of our work.

Monie Mangus

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF)

"With the callQueue, we have five FTE’s doing the work it used to take eight FTE’s to accomplish, and at a lower data cost!"

Nikki Magner

Vice President of Loan Servicing - SAFCO

The difference in our repo process with masterQueue versus what we we're doing before is like Night and Day

Ed Arciniega

Bank of America Sr. VP over Auto Collections

"masterQueue makes it easy to collect all phone numbers potentially associated with a customer; and it systematically prioritizes the order in which to call the numbers. This is key because often collections will spend significant time searching for new leads to call when seeking to make contact with delinquent customers. masterQueue does the heavy lifting so collections can do what they are hired to do… focus on speaking with customers to understand the reason for delinquency, influence the customer to pay more of what is past due, persuade the customer to pay sooner, and to recap the conversation and create a positive customer experience. masterQueue transforms how collectors spend their time and your (the lender’s) money"

Bill Ploog

Principal WLP Consulting and former Senior VP over all Loan Servicing at Ally Financial

"It's a game changer. We located a sexual predator thats been on the run for ten years and we located an address in ten minutes."

Dave Stevenson

Investigator El Dorado County District Attorneys office

"The masterQueue platform is the industry’s best, and it will improve our productivity and efficiency on behalf of our clients."

Andrew Coffey

Director of Collections, Servicing Solutions

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Efficiency Calculator

See how much more you can do with masterQueue!

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