masterQueue is a tremendous help regarding how our team manages contact with enrollees. I really like masterQueue as a data management tool and using the workflow process and reporting have become an invaluable part of our work.

Monie Mangus

Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF)

"With the callQueue, we have five FTE’s doing the work it used to take eight FTE’s to accomplish, and at a lower data cost!"

Nikki Magner

Vice President of Loan Servicing - SAFCO

The difference in our repo process with masterQueue versus what we we're doing before is like Night and Day

Ed Arciniega

Bank of America Sr. VP over Auto Collections

"masterQueue makes it easy to collect all phone numbers potentially associated with a customer; and it systematically prioritizes the order in which to call the numbers. This is key because often collections will spend significant time searching for new leads to call when seeking to make contact with delinquent customers. masterQueue does the heavy lifting so collections can do what they are hired to do… focus on speaking with customers to understand the reason for delinquency, influence the customer to pay more of what is past due, persuade the customer to pay sooner, and to recap the conversation and create a positive customer experience. masterQueue transforms how collectors spend their time and your (the lender’s) money"

Bill Ploog

Principal WLP Consulting and former Senior VP over all Loan Servicing at Ally Financial

"It's a game changer. We located a sexual predator thats been on the run for ten years and we located an address in ten minutes."

Dave Stevenson

Investigator El Dorado County District Attorneys office

"The masterQueue platform is the industry’s best, and it will improve our productivity and efficiency on behalf of our clients."

Andrew Coffey

Director of Collections, Servicing Solutions

"With Data Privacy you have to inventory the data you have with tools like masterQueue that allow companies to know what data they have, particularly financial institutions. Having a tool like yours that will quickly see what personal information they're collecting, and in what jurisdiction so that you can know what your compliance obligations are, is very important"

Dominique Shelton-Leipzig

Perkins Coie - International Law Firm

"They’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into developing a unique collection tool that brings together multiple contact databases for more effective servicing of the most difficult accounts. In addition, masterQueue adds additional strength to the lender’s compliance framework."

Mark Floyd

Former CEO Exeter Finance and COO Americredit

"I appreciate the support masterQueue gives. In the end, to me, that partnership is what I genuinely desire."

Ray Wagner

Regions Bank - formerly Head of Collections at BBVA

"masterQueue was built from the ground up to support the needs of firms like ours. It has tools that you simply will not find anywhere else."

Mike Levison

CEO - Resolvion

"Partnering with one of the most reliable, respected automation platforms in the industry gives our customers confidence, knowing they are getting the most precise skip tracing information that ultimately could lead to increased recovery rates."

Lisa Scott

President PAR North America, a division of KAR Auction Services

"masterQueue has developed groundbreaking software for the industry which makes them an ideal partner for us, and we’re eager to add their efficiency, regulatory and data privacy tracking tools to our customers’ toolboxes,"

Chris Macheca

President & COO at PassTime

"We’ve been using the callQueue in late stage skip tracing for various lenders since masterQueue rolled it out to us over a year ago, however, where our clients now see the biggest lift is when they assign the accounts to us earlier in the delinquency life cycle, as then we’re able to help the customer and the lender get in touch to hopefully work out a solution before repossession is the last remaining alternative"

Josh Elias

President at Resolvion

"Since going live with masterQueue, we’ve seen a 28% increase in the number of accounts worked over the last 90 days, which has resulted in a 12% increase in resolutions during that same period. I’m anxious to see what the future will bring"

James McKellum

CEO of Nationwide Skip Experts

"The integration of our data into masterQueue for DRNsights Enterprise customers makes our data more readily available to collectors. When you add our vehicle location data to masterQueue’s other data sources and automated workflow, you get improved resolution rates and can make more right party contact. Together, we help auto lenders reduce loss and better manage risk,"

Jeremiah Wheeler

Vice President of Financial Services at DRN

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