The Twelfth Man of Debt Collection

The Twelfth Man in Debt Collections By Jared Kirby October 31, 2017   Listening to the noise of the Auto Finance industry could leave you stumbling in a few different directions on where your focus should be for Q1 2018.  Everyone says they’re an advocate of stats and metrics, but most tend to stay away from the daunting task of organizing and sorting spreadsheets as they lack the tools to make this a simple process.  At the end of the day, every company has one common goal; to beat last year’s numbers.   With technology constantly evolving and everybody chiming […]

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Scrub Your Data!

ATTACK your “dirty data” With such a high percentage of business project failures based on poor quality data, an automated, compliant and repeatable process for scrubbing your data prior to and during the use of data must be addressed. In the world of auto finance, there are typically two types of data scrubs that should be performed regularly: • SCRA – the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (50 USC App. 501) is Federal law. It requires verification of an individual’s active military status before proceeding with court judgments, collections, repossession, and foreclosure.(find out more about SCRA here) • TCPA - The [...] Read more »